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Staff Spotlight - A Glimpse into Teaching Special Needs Children with Shaona Folwell

Posted 16th August 2023
By mandy eggins

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In education, some individuals stand as beacons of unwavering dedication and compassion. Shaona Folwell, a remarkable teacher at Dynamic Learning College, is one such individual. With a heart full of empathy and a passion for making a difference, Shaona has embarked on a journey that revolves around empowering children with special needs. Let's dive into her insights, experiences, and the incredible impact she has on the lives of her students.

When asked about her inspiration to become a teacher for children with special needs, Shaona's answer resounds with unwavering purpose. She expresses a heartfelt connection to young people who face challenging circumstances, whether it be family hardships or a diagnosis of additional needs. Her driving force is to instil in her students a sense of love, limitless potential, and the tools to overcome the obstacles life throws their way.

A strong foundation of expertise backs Shaona's journey. Armed with a Bachelor of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in Special Education, she is well-equipped to address the unique needs of her students. However, her 22 years of dedicated work with students of diverse needs truly sets her apart.

While Shaona's role is inherently rewarding, it comes with its challenges. She acknowledges the struggle of feeling helpless when faced with personal challenges her students may be enduring outside the classroom. Despite this, her resilience shines through as she focuses on making a positive impact within the school environment and helping her students thrive academically and emotionally.

Shaona's most rewarding moments come when she witnesses her students reach their goals. Though seemingly small to many, these achievements are monumental for the students she works with. Overcoming challenges and conquering their objectives become significant milestones, reflecting their growth and determination. Shaona takes immense pride in her students' accomplishments, feeling like a proud parent.

Shaona's approach to teaching is as fluid as it is tailored. Every moment presents an opportunity for adaptation, with Shaona crafting programs aligning with her student's interests and learning styles. Her passion shines particularly in creating programs focusing on life skills, ensuring that her students are equipped with practical tools that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Every small step toward personal and academic growth is a cause for celebration.

Shaona Falwell

In the heart of Shaona's role lies a sense of fulfilment that extends beyond the classroom walls. She finds immense joy in collaborating with the dedicated staff at Dynamic Learning College and enriching interactions with her students and their families. She recognises that guiding these extraordinary children requires a collective effort from a supportive community – a village of caregivers, professionals, educators, and staff.

While formal assessments are essential, Shaona looks beyond curriculum guidelines to measure her students' progress and success. She gauges their growth through conquering challenges, building deeper connections with them, observing their consistent attendance, and witnessing their social interactions and friendships flourish. Every small step toward personal and academic growth is a cause for celebration.

Shaona's advice to those considering a career in teaching special needs children is simple yet profound: Do it. She recognises that this career path offers personal growth and the opportunity to be part of something meaningful. The ever-changing nature of each day and the chance to contribute to something that truly matters make her job fulfilling.

Shaona Folwell's journey is a testament to the transformative power of empathy, dedication, and education. Through her unwavering commitment, she empowers her students to overcome obstacles, celebrate victories, and realise their full potential. Shaona's story inspires us to embrace empathy and inclusivity, fostering an environment where every child is given the opportunity to flourish.

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