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Year 9 History Elective

Course Title

Year 9 History Elective

Topics Covered

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Mythology
  • Back to the Future


Crime and Punishment investigates how knowledge and understanding of the nature of history and the methods of historical inquiry can be applied to the study of a thematic issue. In this case, specific case studies of the Ancient World and a selection of Modern Crime Cases (Pre -AD 2000). Students will then investigate some well-known figures from ancient mythology such as Thor, Zeus and Horus. Looking at the influence that these mythologies had on ancient civilisations such as the Vikings.

Throughout Semester Two, students will investigate the theme of continuity and change throughout various hundred-year periods in the modern age. Various aspects of society such as fashion, authority, diet, disease and technology throughout each century will be assessed for their usefulness to understanding the changing world and how society progressed to what it is today.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This subject will provide students with the opportunity to explore different areas of history including the history of mythology and crime and punishment. If you have a passion for history and would like to develop your skills, this is the subject for you!

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject will develop students historical knowledge and skills to assist students who are interested in studying Modern History and Ancient History in Year 11 and even History Extension in Year 12.