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Year 9 French

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Year 9 French


This is a one-year course dedicated to learning about the French language and culture. The first semester is all about food! We learn food vocabulary, how to talk about meals, how to order at a café and book a restaurant. Term 3 we learn about vocabulary necessary to talk about your home “Chez toi” builds on what you learnt in Year 7. This goes further in that we also look at advertisements for selling or renting houses. Term 4 is a film study on the second film of “Belle et Sebastien” which follows on from the first one you saw in Year 7. This involves a cultural look at World War 2 and the events relating to this movie.

This subject is designed for people who:

  1. Want to develop a life-long skill that will enrich their lives
  2. Have an interest in travel and culture
  3. Wish to pursue a career in international or multicultural organisations
  4. Wish to develop cognitive skills that enhance other subjects through the analytical study of language that promotes thought and critical thinking

What Stage 6 courses is this subject helpful for?

This subject is a prerequisite for Stage 6 Continuers French.