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Year 10 History Elective

Course Title

Year 10 History Elective

Topics Covered

  • Famous and Infamous
  • History Through Film


Famous and infamous focuses on the development of students’ understanding of the nature of history and the methodology of psychohistory. It presents the way historians view famous and infamous individuals throughout various historical periods. This unit investigates the way that certain people were portrayed through their own making and by others. Time periods include: Leaders from both the Ancient and Modern societies, The Tudor Period, Modern Dynamic world influencing individuals from the political, social and economic world sectors’ just to name a few. Some case studies will include: Marie Antoinette, Alexander the Great, Coco Channel, Napoleon, Ian Paisley, John F Kennedy.

History through Film focuses on the development of students’ understanding of the nature of history and the ways in which different perspectives/interpretations of the past are reflected in film and presented to a variety of audiences. This unit specifically investigates the way that certain groups were portrayed in films including: The Ancient Roman Empire, World War 2, the American ‘Wild West’, just to name a few, and a film of the students own choice. Peoples groups such as the Cowboys, Indigenous Americans, Mexicans Prisoners of War will be investigated.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This subject will provide students with the opportunity to explore different areas of History including the study of influential figures throughout history and history as it is represented in film. If you have a passion for history and would like to develop your skills, this is the subject for you!

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject will develop students historical knowledge and skills to assist students who are interested in studying Modern History and Ancient History in Year 11 and even History Extension in Year 12.