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Year 10 French

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Year 10 French


This is a one-year course dedicated to learning about the French language and culture. Term 1 is called ‘La Vie Scolaire’. In this self-directed unit, you will create a documentary comparing school life in France and Australia. Term 2 is all about ‘Bon Weekend!’ and the sports, hobbies and activities we enjoy doing. The unit ‘Allons en Ville!’ in Term 3 is particularly useful if you intend to travel, as we learn about places in the town and asking directions. We finish in Term 4 with a film study of WW2 based on the true story of Louis Malle: ‘Au Revoir Les Enfants!’ This has a focus on the plight of the Jewish community during this time.

This subject is designed for people who:

  1. Want to develop a life-long skill that will enrich their lives
  2. Have an interest in travel and culture
  3. Wish to pursue a career in international or multicultural organisations
  4. Wish to develop cognitive skills that enhance other subjects through the analytical study of language that promotes thought and critical thinking

What Stage 6 course is this subject helpful for?

This subject is a prerequisite for Stage 6 Continuers French