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Year 10 Digital Photography and Media

Course Title

Year 10 Digital Photography and Media


This course will teach you how to effectively use the DSLR camera, and how to control the settings to capture an image. For students thinking of a career in digital media, an introduction to Adobe Creative Suite will give them an insight into real world industry practices.

A study into surrealism encourages historical and critical study into the work of other photographers.

There is a strong conceptual component where students are challenged to create meaningful works in a variety of digital mediums, including photoshop, filmmaking and design work.

This course would suit students interested in developing real world creative skills and those who would like to use these skills in a professional capacity.

This subject is designed for people who:

  1. Enjoy being creative
  2. Have an interest in photography
  3. Wish to pursue a career in photography
  4. Displayed proficiency in Stage 4 Visual Arts

What stage 6 courses is this subject helpful for?

This subject is not a prerequisite for any Stage 6 subjects.

However, some of the content is relevant to the following Stage 6 subjects:

  • Visual Arts
  • Industrial Technology — Multimedia