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Year 10 Ceramics

Course Unit

Year 10 Ceramics


Through a wide range or practical activities working with clay, you will learn essential hand building techniques, glazing techniques, and will have the opportunity to experience wheel throwing. You will explore the world of ceramics through the study of many incredible artists who have changed the way we see, think and feel.

This subject is designed for people who:

  1. Enjoy creatively exploring clay and building with their hands
  2. Have an interest in Visual Arts
  3. Wish to take the Stage 6 Visual Art course
  4. Displayed proficiency in Stage 4 Visual Arts

What Stage 6 courses is this subject helpful?

This subject is not a prerequisite for any Stage 6 subjects.

However, some of the content is relevant to the following Stage 6 subjects:

  • Visual Arts
  • Photography, Video and Digital Imaging
  • English
  • English Extension