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For the Whole of Their Life.


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In this course students will be thinking about the current world and its issues. Students will be looking at things effecting the global community but also the local community here in the Hunter Area. Students will look at the problem, how we got there, what possible solutions there are and what the best course of action is for that problem. This requires students to think outside the box, be creative, think critically, problem solve, collaborate with peers, communicate and produce achievable outcomes.

Therefore, if students enjoy problem-solving, hands-on activities, thinking outside the box, and want to help make this world and community better for all who live in it, they will enjoy this subject.

Students will have input into topics, big ideas and questions that will be covered in this course, and a variety of different projects that reflect student interest will be completed.

This course will have parts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics but will also include other subjects depending on the project. A student does not need to be good in the traditional STEM classes to take this course.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This subject allows students to develop their problem solving and creativity skills in order to create products that respond to real world problems and demands. Integrating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this subject allows students to develop unique projects using a variety of skills and knowledge including programming

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject will be helpful for students interested in undertaking Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Timber.