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Outdoor Science


This elective is designed for students in Stage 5 that have an interest in the environment.

It will use a Problem Based Learning approach where students will be given a unique “problem” to solve each term. For example, “how can we restore a wetland” or “how can wine quality be improved” or “how does plastics kill turtles and how to prevent that” etc.

Within each problem there are several smaller parts which involves students learning about and understanding the ways in which the natural environment works. Through this unit students will be introduced to soil types, erosion, river systems, weather and climate, coastal features, marine biology and ecology, mineral deposits, geophysics, and geological processes. It may also at times touch on the role of large-scale social science projects when looking at conservation and land management.

The subject will aim to connect as much as possible with ecosystems around the school and the Hunter. Along with this there would be planned fieldwork experiences both around the school grounds and further afield.

Each term’s focus problem provides the opportunity for students to integrate knowledge across all fields of Science as well as other KLA’s. There is the potential within this unit to also partner with researchers at universities and even be involved in publishing meaningful research.

Why Would I Choose This Subject?

This Science elective is aimed at all Science enthusiasts who are interested in gaining a bigger perspective on the natural environment and enjoy field work.

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?
It would also serve as a helpful introduction to Earth and Environmental Science in Stage 6 and Agriculture in Stage 6.