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For the Whole of Their Life.

Activate Centre

In 2018 we saw the completion of our sporting facility - our Activate Centre. The multi-million dollar centre boasts an international-standard basketball court, plus a state-of-the-art gym with cardio and weights equipment, teaching spaces and change rooms. The new gym takes up the equivalent space of four classrooms and comprises a cardio room with 36 pieces of cardio equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, and exercise bikes.

Under the leadership of Principal Darren Cox, St Philip's Christian College was inspired to add the Activate Centre to help combat obesity rates and an increase in the prevalence of mental illness around the country.

Fitness should be about establishing lifelong healthy habits rather than a dot point in a curriculum document.

Principal Darren Cox

With 70% of children aged 2-17 not meeting the physical activity guideline, and 26% of adolescents having mental health disorders, we are determined to change the narrative of young people's health and fitness levels.

St Philip's engaged Synergy Fitness to work with the students in the gym, and all students in years 5-10 will attend three gym sessions each week as part of their studies. In each session, students will complete their own personalised program, with guidance by qualified instructors.

In these classes, students are able to set their own fitness goals and are supported in achieving these by the instructors.

Improved sleep, improved concentration, and generally having more energy to get through the day...

It is not just the students benefiting from the addition - staff are able to use the gym outside school hours and on weekends, prompting the school as a workplace of choice.

The gym's positive effect on both the students and staff is unmistakeable. We have been inundated with feedback from students, their families and the staff about how much better they feel physically and the flow on effects from this - such as improved sleep, improved concentration and generally having more energy to get through their day.

We have seen numerous students using the gym and the parents of these students are noting that their students are spending less time on screens in the afternoon/evening, and going to bed earlier and are sleeping better.