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Year 11 and 12 Pathways

At St Philip's Christian College Cessnock we understand that every student learns differently — that is why we have created an innovative range of unique Year 11 and 12 pathways. As students enter Year 11 and 12, they are thinking about where they're heading after school. For some it will be off to work or further training; for others it will be university. St Philip's Christian College Cessnock's pathways set students up for success now and in the future — providing a culture of customisable enjoyable learning and career opportunities in which catapult students in the right direction.

HSC with ATAR Pathway

The first pathway that we offer at St Philip's Christian College Cessnock is a HSC pathway with an ATAR to enter University. Students who choose to undertake this pathway will complete a full range of academic subjects, with the possibility of including a VET subject. This pathway leads students to graduate with an ATAR, eventuating to possible tertiary lines of study.

HSC with Non-ATAR Pathway

The second pathway that students can undertake is a HSC pathway with a non-ATAR link. This pathway is designed for students who are not necessarily looking to attend university, but are looking to enter a trade, or vocational pathway of study. This allows a direct focus on VET subjects and trade subjects; perhaps a traineeship — as well as completing their HSC without the academic rigour that comes with an ATAR pathway.

This pathway affords students greater flexibility in their day-to-day timetables; students are able to be offsite for traineeships and work experience during the week. Students are able to undertake a range of subjects that have the potential to lead into a post-school pathway of traineeships, apprenticeships or even work placement once they finish their HSC.

SPCC Cessnock SmartTrack 2024

Welcome to SPCC Cessnock SmartTrack 2024 - where the HSC is reimagined, and Senior Secondary education is transformed. Are you ready to push the boundaries of traditional learning and embark on a journey of real-world, authentic, and collaborative project-based learning?

At SmartTrack, we believe in developing young people's agency, independence, and responsibility. We offer a non-ATAR pathway, with no HSC examinations, and instead focus on preparing students for industry through our HSC SmartTrack Employability Outcomes program. This program provides students with coaching, assessment, and practical opportunities to develop employability skills for life beyond school.

Our program has three main components. The addVENTURE Program integrates Work Studies, English Studies, and Mathematics Standard 1 into term-long, real-world, project-based units of learning in a dedicated SmartTrack class. Taught in block delivery by our experienced HSC SmartTrack teacher, who is supported by HSC SmartTrack Coaches, faith formation and development are integrated into the program. This program makes up 6 x HSC units for students.

In addition, our VET courses offer students the opportunity to gain valuable industry qualifications on-site at SPCC or externally through other providers. This opens doors to employment, further study, and university entry. And our Industry Engagement Program takes our students out of the classroom and into the workforce. Every HSC SmartTrack student spends 1 day/week working in industry, applying the employability skills they are developing in their studies. Whether working in volunteer work experience, paid employment, or a school-based traineeship/apprenticeship (SBAT), this program also contributes indicative hours to the completion of the Work Studies course as well as potentially for Industry-Based Learning Course credit.

At SPCC Cessnock SmartTrack 2024, we embrace an alternative uniform that reflects our adult learning environment philosophy. And we offer flexible learning times, which allow our students to engage in industry and manage their time during the school week.

Join us for an exciting, new way of doing the HSC. Enroll now in SPCC Cessnock SmartTrack 2024 and let us help you reimagine your senior secondary education!

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