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For the Whole of Their Life.


The Senior School offers a range of programs to support students in their wholistic growth that underpins their success at school. These include study skills programs such as 'Elevate' and courses such as Future Skills which aim to better assist students in their Senior Years make quality decisions for life beyond School.

In Year 9 as students begin their Senior School journey all students participate in the INVICTUS Wellbeing program.

"The Invictus Program is designed to equip students with a skill set that allows them to maintain a sense of positive wellbeing in the face of life’s challenges. The Program is built upon a strong theoretical framework, which takes advantage of Dr Martin Seligman’s seminal work in positive psychology by engaging students in a four-stage progression towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. The Invictus Program allows participants to engage in outdoor education, positive relationships, skill mastery and community service." http://theinvictuswellbeingpro...