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Student Leadership

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All students in the Middle School are encouraged to be active in leadership. Our desire is for all of our students to become leaders who exert a positive influence on those around them, regardless as to whether they have an elected badge or title. All our students are urged to look for opportunities to serve others, build community and do what is right. 

Our formal Middle School Leadership structure consists of two leadership groups. The first is our Middle School Student Representative Council or SRC. The SRC leaders are chosen from each class by their peers from Years 5 - 7. Their primary role is to be a voice for their Pastoral Care class, help with culture building events and fundraise for our sponsor children. SRC also hold a special position of responsibility under member of our second leadership team. They meet on a fortnightly basis with the Assistant Head of Middle School.

Our second leadership group is the Middle School Leadership Team (MSLT). This group consists of six Year 8 student elected by both the student and teaching bodies. In essence, they are the prefects of the Middle School. Each elected member of the Middle School Leadership Team has a portfolio that they attend to. Each portfolio comes with a number of SRC member in which they lead. The MSLT meet weekly with the Head of Middle School to discuss their portfolios and better ways to improve the Middle School for students. They are also present at all important functions concerning the Middle School.