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Learning Support Program

The Learning Support team at SPCC Cessnock is a specialist team, dedicated to supporting all students in their learning. Our qualified team is positioned across Junior, Middle and Senior schools. We deliver a range of programs, which include support for students with difficulties in literacy, numeracy, social skills and anxiety. The learning support team also assists students with special needs.

Literacy Support Specialised Programs:

Minilit Early Intervention Literacy Program

This program is an evidence based, best practice program for early struggling readers. This effective program continues to be very successful in assisting our younger students with their early literacy skills.

RIP It Up Reading Intervention Program

This reading intervention program uses working memory strategies and phonics decoding to assist students with the essential decoding skills required for success with reading.

Multilit Reading Intervention Program

Multilit is a researched based literacy intervention program that teaches older students the necessary skills for successful reading. Multilit makes up lost time in reading for our older students.