For the Whole of Their Life.

Learning Support

The Academic and Learning Support Staff work alongside our Class Teachers to support students who have individual needs and require personalised learning. Our team consists of experienced teachers and teacher aides specialising in a wide range of areas to support students with individual needs.

The Academic and Learning Support Staff provide regular assistance within the Learning Zone and through small withdrawal groups for specialised programs and interventions.

In Primary School our early literacy interventions include Minilit and MacqLit which are both evidence based programs published through Macquarie University. Learning Support delivers social skills and anxiety support classes for identified students. Our team also collaborates with external specialists to support students in and with their education.

In High School our interventions take on a more inclusive model with our Academic Support Staff team teaching in classes with identified students. Assessment Support sessions are also offered to students who require additional guidance when completing tasks. Provisions for in class assessments and examinations (i.e. reader, writer and/or extra time) are also made available to students requiring this additional support.

Our Gifted and Talented programs aim to extend students and their learning beyond the classroom. Our College participates in extra-curricular opportunities such as Tournament of the Minds and the Da Vinci Decathlon.