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For the Whole of Their Life.

Student Leadership

Opportunities for students to participate in school wide decision making is highly valued in Junior School. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills. As the oldest members of Junior School, all Year 4 students are encouraged to see themselves as leaders in the school community and to set a fine example to all other students.

Each year, the students in Junior School vote to elect two Junior School Captains and one Student Representative per class to serve on the Student Representative Council. Students are not permitted to be on the Student Representative Council for two consecutive years, unless they are elected as Junior School Captain. This provides the opportunity for numerous students to develop their leadership skills.

These students participate in fortnightly meetings that assist them to develop their leadership style and learn skills that will assist them in their role.

The Student Representatives make other valuable contributions throughout the year. They:

  • lead Chapel Services
  • show delegates around the college
  • conduct student surveys
  • assist in school based activities
  • attend community functions
  • plan fundraising events