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Early Learning

Early Learning

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Every parent wants the best for their child and desires to give them a happy and balanced start to their education. 

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We provide a positive and nurturing environment in Prep that prepares children for their educational journey. The Prep program is shaped by our belief that young children are keen learners who are capable of acquiring foundational skills in a supported environment. 

We believe that learning at this age best takes place through creative play, group work, investigation and individual learning situations.

What is our approach?

Young minds are full of ideas and questions about the world. We harness these and provide a stimulating and innovative program, capturing the joy of discovery. Through inquiry based and developmental play, children are encouraged to deepen their understanding and develop essential skills required for more formal learning in Kindergarten.

The dedicated staff help the children begin their educational journey by;

  • providing a structured program based on the Early Stage One Syllabus documents
  • immersing students in literacy and numeracy
  • planning activities to aid in the development of social, emotional, communication, cognitive, physical pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-number skills

In addition to working closely with our outstanding early childhood teachers, Prep students are also taught by specialist teachers in Library, PE and Music.

The transition to Kindergarten from Prep is smooth as teachers and parents work together to understand the needs of each student. The familiarity of the Junior School learning environment creates a sense of confidence.

Prep Enrolment

Prep is designed for students in the year before they start formal schooling. Prep children need to turn 4 before 31st March in the year commencing in Prep. Requests for enrolment after this date require assessments and special interviews. 

Prep children experience a myriad of wonderful learning opportunities. While daily activities vary, set structures provide familiarity and a sense of belonging to each child.

Parents have the option of a two or three day Prep Program. Children can be enrolled for the Monday/Tuesday Prep Class OR the Wednesday/Thursday Prep Class. The program is designed to ensure that children attending each two day program have the same learning opportunities. 

Children who are enrolled for the 3 day Prep Program also attend on Fridays where their learning from the week is extended.

“Having watched our daughter attend Prep this year we have been amazed... To listen to her read her first couple of words at only 4 years old. Mrs Schillert, Mrs Walsh and Mr Taylor are brilliant at their jobs! We love the way the school is community involved... Everyone cares and looks out for everyone. There isn't another school around that even comes close to St Philip's.”

Jessie Stone and Greg Boughton - 2017 Prep Parents

The Way, The Truth, The Life

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How do I enrol my child at St Philip's Christian College?

Enroling your child at St Philip's Christian College can be the biggest decision in your child's education.

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Learn about our school's Education Framework

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