Fuel 4

For the Whole of Their Life.


FUEL forms part of the College’s extra-curricular program, a lunch time group that meets weekly where all are welcome to come along, hang out, connect over free food, play games and talk about God.

This year we have had teams of amazing young Fuel student leaders stepping up to serve and lead Fuel groups for their younger peers. This has been amazingly fruitful, providing year 5 and 6 students time to spend with, learn from and look up to their years 7 and 8 Fuel student leaders. Year 7 and 8 students also get this same opportunity to connect with their Senior School Fuel leaders in the same positive uplifting Fuel environment.

Fuel is an encouraging and supportive environment for anyone who has decided to follow Jesus, is thinking about following Jesus or just has questions about Jesus. Everyone is welcome and we would love to see YOU there!

It is an amazing experience to help the kids know more about God

Year 7 Student

Completely gnarly...

Year 9 Student