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For the Whole of Their Life.

Christian Ministry

The inspiration and motivation of all that we do at St Philip’s Christian College comes from our Christian foundation. We believe that every single person is valuable and significant because they have been made by God for a purpose, to love Him and to love others. Our first core value is ‘Christ First’, we want the grace of Jesus Christ to permeate through all that we do in a meaningful way. In our academic pursuit, our hope is that our students will appreciate a Christian understanding of God, His world and their place within it. In our pastoral care program, our hope is that our students will develop a life of Christ like character, enabling them to succeed, thrive and contribute positively to their future communities.

At St Philip’s our motto is ‘for the whole of their lives’, for we believe learning is about personal transformation rather than simply transmission of information. It involves addressing the needs of the whole person; mental, physical, moral, social, cultural and spiritual. Deep learning should lead us to ask and consider those ultimate questions about meaning and significance, about who I am as a learner and what it means to be a citizen in this world. As a Christian school, we encourage all of our students and families to explore these big questions for themselves.