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Yaama, Gabrielle ngaya — Join us at JAECG

Posted 5th February 2020
By Ellie Rolfe

Yaama, Gabrielle Miller ngaya. Gamilaraay ngaya inaarr.

Hello, I'm Gabrielle Miller. I am a Gamilaraary woman.

I belong to a tribe called Kamilaroi / Gomeroi / Gamilaroi. I am a proud Koori (Aboriginal person located in North New South Wales) student of St Philip's Christian College Cessnock. My tribe is located near Tamworth Gunnedah and Moree.

My great grandmother felt like she couldn't share our culture, so I have made it my purpose to learn about my heritage and culture, and share it with others.

I am currently studying Aboriginal Studies as a subject in Year 11 — and I am also the President of a school extra curricula group called the JAECG. In this group we celebrate our culture through art, dance, and connecting with other indigenous members of our community. We run programs teaching Junior School about our culture, and go on excursions to learn from our local indigenous leaders.

This year will be a big year for our JAECG and we need as many indigenous students as possible to join our team. We are aiming to start a JAECG dance group, paint murals and run many different activities. Enrolled at St Philip's Christian College Cessnock we have many indigenous students, and we would love to see them celebrating their culture with us.

If your child would be interested in joining our JAECG group, please feel free to contact me at gabrielle.miller@spcc.nsw.edu.au or our teacher representative Mr Jason Matheson on jason.matheson@spcc.nsw.edu.au

At the moment we are welcoming all Middle School and Senior School students. I can not wait to see what 2020 holds for our group and I am very passionate about sharing my culture with the world.

Ngamillay (We'll see each other).

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