The Success Of Spring Fair 2019

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The Success of Spring Fair 2019

Posted 11th September 2019
By Ellie Rolfe

Can Spring Fair still go ahead in the rain? Every year we seem to get some wet weather in the week before Spring Fair and every year we ask ourselves this question - and it turns out yes it can! And it did! And it was a great day!

Spring Fair starts way back in Term 1 as we book in rides and attractions and start planning the layout. In Term 2 we open it up for Stallholders to book in, classes choose their stall and start their planning, we plan the food stalls and booking in essential services and we start contacting businesses for sponsorship and donations. By Term 3 we are full steam ahead. Our Property Team works very hard to get all the areas ready for parking, stalls and rides, parents are out collecting prizes, orders are processed for wristbands and showbags and our Entertainment Program is locked in.

And then we come to the final week and it rains... and rains... and rains. The temptation is to worry and give in to fear. However, I had read a verse in the Bible during that week that said, "The Lord will do what is good in His sight" and it reminded me that God is in control and He will do what is good. It may not be what I want but it will be good. This was a tremendous source of peace for me as the week unfolded.

Spring Fair day dawns wet and grey and we don't really know what to expect but it is a comfort knowing that God does. And it turned out to be great day.

This year we introduced piglet races which were so much fun to watch. We loved having The Hunter Valley Zoo animals with us again - the cutest dingo pups, baby wombat, koala and a host of reptiles to touch if you were brave enough. The rain didn't seem to bother the animals at all, in fact I can vouch for the happy state of pigs in mud.

The rides ran all day, the food was amazing, the entertainment was so good and everywhere I looked everything was running so smoothly. I would have to say in my six years of helping to organise the Spring Fair, this has been the smoothest day yet.

I want to recognise all the people who work together to make Spring Fair such a great day. We are so appreciative of our major sponsors that provide the money to pay for attractions like our pig racing, our other animal displays, our food and our entertainment. In particular, a big thank you to our gold sponsors North Construction, Westpac, BP Nulkaba, Fast n Fresh, EDPRO, Guy Designs, Williams and Co., Mount Pleasant Hunter Valley, Priceline and Metal Mates.

There are also so many local businesses, restaurants and wineries that donate to our Spring Fair, providing us with great prizes to give away. We are also particularly proud of our school families who always pull together to help make the Spring Fair a great day – collecting prizes, helping with school stalls, giving up their time to help in practical ways like parking duty or manning the bbq – you guys are awesome and we couldn’t pull it off without you. And finally our school community of students and staff, the enthusiasm you have for Spring Fair is infectious, the work you put in to make your part as good as it can be is encouraging, and seeing you all there ready to pitch in and make it a great day is what makes our Spring Fair SOAR.

See you again, rain, hail or shine, in 2020!

Kath Hirons

Head of Administration, Spring Fair Committee

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