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Bored Children: What's the solution?

Posted 5th August 2019
By Ellie Rolfe

I am sure that you have had times in the school holidays, or over the weekend, where your kids have been stuck indoors - whether that be due to inclement weather, general happenings, or an array of other possibilities. It all seems fine, until you hear that dreaded 'I'm bored'.

It may be encouraging to hear that the solution to your problem, might be a little easier than first thought... and no, it doesn't rely on the iPad being charged! The solution lies in the realisation that times of boredom may be more beneficial to our kids than we may at first realise. If we can past the initial period of whinging, then times of boredom can lead towards a range of positive outcomes.

These outcomes were detailed in an article by Melbourne Child Psychology entitled 'The Benefits of Boredom', in which parents are encouraged to help their kids to see the opportunities that are often hidden in 'bored moments' and stop running straight to the XBOX or Playstation.


The Power of Quality Time: 'Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care' - John C. Maxwell

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We can take advantage of these opportunities by resisting the temptation to solve the 'boredom problem' for our kids. If we seperate ourselves from the issue, then it is inevitable that they will try to problem solve themselves. However, we may need to resource these moments of potential creativity - this is where the contents of the recycle bin is a great place to start. Cardboard or bottles, a bit of masking tape, paint, some colouring in pencils can be the origin of great imaginative playtime. Be aware that we may need to be okay with this opportunity creating some mess, but the payoff for our kids is the opportunity to develop creativity, imagination, perseverance and self-awareness.

So, next time we hear that dreaded 'I'm bored' being yelled down the hallway, let's see this as an opportunity for our kids to develop, rather than a problem that needs our immediate intervention.

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