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Moree Mission: Our Mission to Serve

Posted 18th May 2018
By Ellie Rolfe

Many years ago I drove to the town of Moree with the intention of serving on my first ever sports mission experience. I was young and I was nervous, but it was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. Since then there have been over 10 years of sports mission camps that have run during the July Holidays serving the local Indigenous children of Moree. I would like to share briefly with you a little about the purpose and outworking’s of this amazing mission experience.

The purpose of the mission trip is to serve the Indigenous community of Moree through modelling an example of Christian living and discipleship. Our desire is to introduce the children to the love that Jesus has for them. Our service to the community is through providing a sport and creative arts based holiday program. Each day between 50 – 100 children will come to the program and participate in a safe and fun environment for their holiday time. We will also have the opportunity of providing for their physical and spiritual nourishment.


Yaama, Gabrielle Ngaya — Join Me at JAECG: I have made it my purpose to learn about my heritage and culture, and share it with others. If your child would be interested in joining our JAECG group, please feel free to contact me at or our teacher representative Mr Jason Matheson on

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This experience will provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, gain training in leading sporting and other recreational activities as well as an awareness of the extremes of poverty that exist within Australia. More importantly, it will provide an opportunity for students to share their faith, to witness to what Christ is doing in their lives personally and to serve wholeheartedly.

For now, there are two requests of help that we would like to ask our College community to support us with. The first is to support us in praying for this community and for our team of students and teachers as we begin our preparation for Moree (Term 3 Holidays). The second is to request donations for “player of the day” prizes. These donations might include new items of children’s clothing, sports equipment or games. The donations can be made to the front reception. We look forward to serving the local more community and thank you for your support of these efforts.

Mr Aaron Hodges

Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Chaplain

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