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Meet Our New Deputy Principal — Mr Matthew Connett

Posted 23rd January 2020
By Ellie Rolfe

St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock is delighted to welcome Mr Matthew Connett, as Deputy Principal. Mr Connett replaces Mr Martin Telfer, as he steps into his new role as Principal at St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens.

Mr Connett is an experienced and committed educator and leader. He comes to St Philip’s Cessnock from St Philip’s Christian College Waratah, where he has diligently served as a Middle School Teacher for 19 years, and spent ten of those as the Assistant Head of Middle School.

Mr Connett, his wife Lindy, and their three young children have lived in the Newcastle area during this time — a very musical family, in which everyone plays at least two instruments and sings!

Mr Connett says, ‘I am excited to get to know a new place, and the people in it — having the opportunity to do the journey of life and education with this school community’.

Having spent time as a Youth and Children’s Pastor for Hillsong, and youth worker in Redfern, he brings a plethora of knowledge around wellbeing in our adolescents and the value of teaching the ‘whole child’.


Why Am I Still Here?: What makes St Philip’s worth belonging to? Well, for starters it is an organisation led by Godly men and women who commit everything to prayer before making decisions; they don’t rely upon the ‘spirit of the times’, or popular opinion, or what is trendy in education at the time.

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‘Christian education teaches the whole person, we are not simply our mind and bodies, but there is a spiritual aspect to each individual, and Christian educations affords the opportunity to build on all of these areas. We have a duty of care to not only shepherd young people in their academic endeavours but also create a space in which young people thrive and contribute to the society that they will lead one day’.

Mr Connett is 'excited to be a part of a team that continues to develop a school community and culture that sets high standards of connectedness, excellence in teaching and student care’.

We are incredibly excited to have Mr Connett as part of the St Philip’s family and are thankful for the wealth of knowledge and leadership that he brings with him. If you see Mr Connett in the playground — make sure to make him feel welcome!

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