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Meet Our New Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning) — Mr David Cole

Posted 21st August 2020
By Ellie Rolfe

After an extensive search I would like to announce the appointment of David Cole as the Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning) to commence in 2021. The ELT unanimously agreed that Mr Cole's breadth of experience, knowledge and passion for engaging and empowering young people; together with his Christian faith and commitment to school improvement would assist the College in its continued growth.

He has committed his professional career to contributing to the work of Christian Education and believes that schools are well-placed to be witnessing the gospel to the wider community, in both word and deed — seeking to nurture the God-given gifts that each child possesses.

Mr Cole has significant experience in educational leadership. Currently in his third year as Director of Teaching and Learning 6-12 at Thomas Hassall Anglican College, Mr Cole has also led in the areas of innovation and pastoral care. Mr Cole is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy at Macquarie University exploring the conceptualisation and enactment of 21st Century Education in schools in New South Wales. Mr Cole has completed a Master of Research (Human Sciences — Education Studies), a Master of Education Leadership (School Education), and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

Mr Cole brings an understanding that teams can achieve far more than individuals, united by a common vision, and being captured by the 'why'. His focus is on empowering staff to build a rich community where each contributes based on their unique gifts and talents.

David is extremely excited to be moving here with his wife, and three young children — and we look forward to welcoming him into the St Philip's Christian College Cessnock family.

Mr Darren Cox


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