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Meet Our Employee of the Month: Justin Moore

Posted 8th February 2021
By Ellie Rolfe

St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock believes in honouring and uplifting our amazing staff. We don’t want to brag, but we think that we have one of the best teams in the world. Once a month, we run a staff-nominated ‘Employee of the Month’ where staff can nominate two employees who they believe uphold the College values, as well as go above and beyond to make St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock a better place for our community. We are excited to talk to you about one of this month’s winners: Justin Moore.

Justin Moore is a hardworking, resilient and empathetic worker. If you’ve been on site before, chances are you would have seen Justin moving, lifting, helping or assisting just about anybody. Justin attended St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock for seven years, before joining our Maintenance Team in 2015. Wanting to ‘give back to the College in which gave him some of the best opportunities and memories’ he ensures that teachers are able to uphold state of the art learning environments that students can feel safe and excel in.

What does he love about the job? He loves the variety that he enjoys on a daily basis. He enjoys the personalities, and the kind nature of the staff. And we can honestly say, that Justin mirrors this right back. When somebody says that their goal for the year is to ‘make people as happy as they can be’, you know that they are a valuable asset.

Justin’s sense of humility and inquisitive nature, means that he’s always looking forward to learning new things — as well as meeting new staff as the College continues to grow.

We cannot thank Justin enough for everything that he does for St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock and it’s an honour to announce him as Staff Member of the Month for February 2021.

Karri Matheson

Head of HR

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