French Tour 2019

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France: The Wonderful Experiences our Students Had

Posted 7th May 2019
By Ellie Rolfe

Our French students had an absolutely fantastic time on their 2019 French Trip! Don't believe us? Let's hear from them!

The overall experience is UNBELIEVABLE! Everything that you see, goes beyond your expectations. I already had high expectations, but some things that you see and learn really pull at your heart strings. Things like seeing all of the graves of the World War, rows upon rows. You learn a lot and see extraordinary monuments - you can also get up to some harmless mischief in the streets of Paris! I experienced thousands of highlights, along with a ton of new experiences!

Nash J.

France - A very different country with different types of food and different ways of eating them. I enjoyed going climbing up the Eiffel Tower. I really enjoyed listening to our tour guide, Michael. Michael made learning about World War history more interesting then it already was. We learnt things like, how it took 2,000 soldiers to take over a hill, a hill that had a windmill that was later destroyed. Overall, I really enjoyed the French Trip, and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going!

Patrick S.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to experience parts of history that we don't get to see in Australia. I enjoyed being able to make friendships with everyone on the trip, including people that I would never have had the opportunity too - if I hadn't been on the trip. You are surrounded by people 24/7 that you wouldn't usually be around, so you learn new things about each other and turn into a little family. I learnt countless facts, not only from our amazing tour guide, but from our awesome teachers, and their own personal experiences whilst travelling. The French trip is absolutely unforgettable and I highly recommend it - even if you don't take French as a subject or have an interest in history!

Never C.

The 2019 French Trip was an experience that none of us will forget. Our group was a family, and experienced life-changing moments together. We experienced the Notre Dame burning, we stood in the Somme Battlefields. We stepped out of our comfort zones to try new things (like escargot) which turned out to be amazing. We saw artworks, that kept getting better and better! We got to see monuments in real life, that we had only even seen in movies or pictures. The French Trip was the absolute best, and the teachers that came on the trip made it that great. I hope that one day, I can go back and see even more!

Isabella M.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 15 students who went on the French Trip for 17 days. While we were over there, we saw Paris, World War 1 monuments, World War 2 monuments and much more! I was able to learn that Saint John Monash was able to create a sophisticated plan, using all of the different sources from the war into a plan to take down a town in 90 minutes.

Zachary P.

I had a great time on the French Trip! I really enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night and getting to see the World War 1 and World War 2 trenches. Michael our guide, taught us a lot of different things! I also learnt how to make a bed and wash my clothes for the first time...

Isaac F.

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