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A Study-Friendly Home: Help Your Teenager Thrive

Posted 9th August 2019
By Ellie Rolfe

Term 3 is well underway, which means there's only a few weeks left until our Year 12 students finish school forever and undertake their final exams.

Year 12 is considered by some to be the most important year of schooling, and there can be an enormous amount of pressure on Year 12 students. If you're the parent of a Year 12 student, you're already aware this can be a very stressful time - for them and for you!

The good news is there are a number of ways you can support your teenage as they work through this final part of their schooling. So here are some handy reminders and practical things you can do to help your teenager not just survive, but thrive as they strive for excellence in their HSC.

'The HSC exam results do NOT represent your teenager's future. The end of secondary school is the start of the next and usually more exciting time in your teenager's life'.

The HSC exam results do NOT represent your teenager's future. The end of secondary school is the start of the next and usually more exciting time in your teenager's life.


It is important that you make sure your teenager has lots of opportunities to play sport or pursue an artistic activity like drama or music. And it's also important to make sure they spend time with their family and friends.


As parents, we can do lots of things to help teenagers develop smart study habits. These skills do not develop automatically and they may need your support to schedule regular study time, regular exercise and regular sleep patterns.

A Study-Friendly Home

It's important to make your home a place where it is easy for your teenager to think.

  • Help eliminate noise and distractions such as the television. It is impossible to watch TV and study. Show how important school work is by keeping the TV off during study time.
  • Provide physical conditions that help concentration, such as good lighting and a table or desk with supportive chair. The work area should be neat, have enough space for writing and reading, and should be kept clear of any clutter.

Making Time to Study

You can support your teenager by helping him or her focus on their study. They may need help to establish a study routine, especially when formal classes finish at the end of Term 3.

  • Schedule study time. If your teenager needs help to establish a routine, have a chat about which times could be best for studying. Set that time aside on at least five days a week.
  • Plan study in two 50-minute blocks with a 15 minute break. One 50-minute slab of study is better than several hours full of distractions and interruptions.

BeyondBlue.org.au has further useful resources for parents and Year 12 students, including this helpful list of 'do's and don't's':


  • Guide, support and encourage your teenager
  • Encourage healthy eating, regular exercise and plenty of sleep
  • Take your teenager's efforts seriously
  • Encourage them to take breaks when necessary
  • Create an effective work space in the house if your teenager can't study in their room
  • Take a whole family approach to supporting your teenager
  • Give your teenager plenty of positive feedback whenever possible
  • Help your teenager keep this year in perspective and let them know you're there for them whatever happens


  • Nag
  • Overload your teenager with domestic chores
  • Tell them to work harder or they'll fail


The End of Formal Schooling for Year 12: As Term 3 comes to a close, it doesn't just bring warmer weather and the start of the school holidays. It also brings an ending too. The end of formal schooling for our Year 12 students.

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Exams and Results

The exam results do not represent your teenager's future. The end of secondary school is the start of the next and usually more exciting time in your teenager's life. The moment the exams are over, celebrate! Such a celebration is crucial, as the message you will be reinforcing is that the final score is incidental. Getting through high school is a wonderful achievement in itself and there are loads of possibilities ahead for them.

Remember, the final year of secondary school is important, but it will not be the most important year of their life. Try to help your teenager keep things in perspective because they're far more than their ATAR score.

The information above is from the ‘Surviving Year 12 Fact sheet for parents’


For a resource specifically for the Year 12 student in your home, check out the link below and pass it on to them: https://www.youthbeyondblue.com/do-something-about-it/surviving-year-12

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