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2018 Moree Mission Trip: It Is Better to Give Than Receive

Posted 26th October 2018
By Ellie Rolfe

It is better to give than to receive.

Our mission team's time at Moree this year was a journey I will forever cherish. We as a team of 25 worked tirelessly to give Moree's young people, an awesome week jam-packed with fun and games! We were fortunate enough to teach the kids about healthy relationships, teamwork and living a life with happiness through believing in God.

Each morning, St Philip's Christian College Cessnock and Salvation Army members drove buses to pick up the kids for the scheduled program. It was extremely eye-opening, to really see Moree, in it's entirety. I joined Thursday's pick up, and was overjoyed at the children's excitement.

Everyday the children were registered and given breakfast before we played morning games, which were split between juniors and seniors. Playing the games with the juniors was rewarding; entailing patience, laughter and of course, an abundance of energy. During this time Mr Hodges, spoke to all of the Moree children about God and how much he loves and believes in us. Many of the children decided to follow God after hearing His Word - all by the end of the week. We also dined with the kids, having a fruity morning tea, and a truckload of yummy sandwiches for lunch, whilst learning through coach interviews.

For me, electives were the highlight of the day, because we really got to know and connect with the kids. They had an array of choices, including Stefan's awesome drum beat crew, drama, sport, art and science.

I connected with Brianna, who had the biggest happy smile you'd ever seen! Brianna's brother, Randall came too - they were inseparable. And that was something we noticed about Moree, the strong family bonds and how they truly looked out for one another.

As each day drew to a close, players of the day were awarded major prizes for their amazing effort, kindness and respect. the humongous smiles plastered on their faces said it all. Getting to see their faces light up throughout the week, brought such happiness to our hearts and we knew that God had been with us every step of the way.

An even deeper experience, was our trip to Myall Creek, where we learnt about Moree's horrific past. Another incredible experience were the activities with the Moree 'Deadly Diamonds' leadership group, which included laser tag, basketball and the local hot springs. it was great to see young leaders stepping up in their potential, and working to build community. During this trip our sense of community was strengthened; connecting with new faces and people of all ages.

We have created life long memories and discovered star performers along the way, with fireworks of energy.

We also played fun pranks, as well as team leaders presenting heart felt devotions whereby God's presence was felt strongly. Saying goodbye was truly difficult, as i knew we'd made such a hug difference to these young people, as they said how much they enjoyed the week. I especially enjoyed it when they said how much that they would miss us. At the end of the day, we feel truly blessed for all that we have in our life, and having been a part of this amazing experience.

Was it worth it? Yes! Would I do it again? You bet!


Abbie Grady

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