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Musical Theatre

Course Title

Musical Theatre


In the Stage 5 Musical Theatre course students will learn about all the elements that make a production happen. From singing, dancing and acting to lighting, costume, music and set design. Students will study a range of famous musicals and complete projects focused on different aspects of performance and design. You do not need any prior experience in performance and there is no expectation to perform on the stage. But if you are willing to learn the ropes and have a go, then this is the subject for you.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This subject is designed for students who:

  • Love musicals
  • Are willing to have a go
  • Are creative and imaginative
  • Love being on stage or behind stage in the crew
  • Want to be a 'triple threat'

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject is not a prerequisite for any Stage 6 subjects.

However, the content covered will provide an excellent springboard for the following Stage 6 subjects:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • VET Entertainment
  • TAS — Multimedia
  • Visual Arts