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Performing Arts

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Performing Arts


This is the elective for you if you want to enhance your stage skills! This elective will focus on all aspects of performing arts- drama, movement and singing. Students will learn about plays and musical theatre and all aspects of production, including what happens before the audition process and behind the scenes on the stage. Production aspects of music, lighting and special effects will also be covered. With teacher direction, students will choose an area of specialisation as they work towards an individual or group project in acting, dancing or singing. This elective is suited to students will all levels of experience on the stage, creative personalities and team players.

This subject is designed for people who?

  • Enjoy Drama, Dance and Singing
  • Love being involved in musicals and plays
  • Like performances
  • Are interested in the behind-the-scenes of a production
  • Are interested in creativity, collaboration and communication

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject is not a prerequisite for any Stage 6 subjects.

However, the content covered will provide an excellent springboard for the following Stage 6 subjects:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music