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Year 9 Geography Elective

Course Title

Geo-Politics and Planet Earth

Topics Covered

  • The Geo-political history of the world and The Geography of Warfare
  • Extreme Places; how to survive the wildest places on earth
  • Marine Ecology and Management
  • The Anatomy and Management of Bushfires (includes RFS training)


This year long course will explore a range of topics relevant to physical and human geography. Semester One will be looking at the political history of our world. Where and when did civilisation begin, how location and geography impacted the formation of empires and the factors that led to the current nature of our geo-political climate. Students will also explore how geographical factors have influenced major conflicts, both modern and ancient. Students will also engage in a short unit focused on some of the most extreme places that people live and how they cope with these harsh places.

Semester Two will see students focus on Marine Ecology and Bushfires. Students will conduct a more scientific and in-depth exploration of marine ecosystems including their biology, ecology, management and sustainability. The unit will then shift towards an analysis of natural hazards with a specific focus on bushfires. Students will look at the factors that make areas prone to bushfires, the anatomy of bushfires and how they work and then evaluate current management strategies in dealing with the impacts of bushfires. There may be scope to complete some initial units of the RFS training.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This subject is designed for students who are interested in Geography and want to learn more about both physical and human geography. In Elective Geography, we will have the opportunity to look at extreme environments, how geography impacts politics and war as well as marine ecology.

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This subject will help to further develop knowledge and skills for students interested in studying Geography at a Stage 6 level. Elements of the course will also assist students interested in studying Earth and Environmental Science.