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Year 9 Commerce

Course Title

Year 9 Commerce — Creative Commerce

Topics Covered

  • Personal Finance
  • Employment
  • Marketing
  • Politics


This year long course will explore a range of topics relevant to the Commercial environment and making decisions about Business, Law, Politics and Money. Semester One looks at how young people can manage their finances and achieve financial independence. By developing the ability to make informed judgements, students are encouraged to assess the wise use and management of Money. Associated with this is the concept of employment, at a time when young people are looking for their first job. Students will examine the legal aspects of their rights, options, responsibility and tax in relation to the work environment.

In Semester 2, students are introduced to marketing and promotion techniques that are used by businesses to sell their products. Because the task of the consumer is to gain the best value, understanding marketing and the methods involved, means that students as consumers are more likely to be able to gain satisfaction with their chosen products. Lastly, students will gain an understanding of how political processes operate at various levels in Australia and how they can be involved in the process to achieve desired outcomes.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop skills in business and marketing, as well as an understanding of politics. Students will learn practical skills such as personal finance, as well as future work skills.

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This course is helpful to students who are interested in undertaking Business Studies and Economics in Stage 6.