Concepts For Consumers Economy Business Law Society Politics

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Year 10 Commerce

Course Title

Concepts for Consumers

Topics Covered

  • The economy and business world
  • Law, society and politics
  • Nature of international travel
  • Running a business


This course will engage students in a variety of commercial concepts and ideas, relating to business function and the legal and political system. In Semester 1, students will develop an understanding of the importance and features of the economic environment, including markets. They will explore the nature, role and operation of businesses in the context of an increasingly globalised economy. This leads into Law, Society and Politics, where students develop an understanding of how laws affect individuals and groups and also regulate society. Students examine various legal and political systems and learn how strategies are used to resolve contentious legal and political issues.

In Semester 2, students examine the concept of travel; learning how to plan for travel and how to solve problems encountered when travelling. They explore the considerations that need to be made when planning for travel and gather relevant data when developing a travel itinerary and budget. There is also an analysis of the Travel Industry in Australia. Lastly, students investigate how entrepreneurial attributes and attitudes contribute to business success, and examine the considerations involved when planning and running a business. They investigate key issues and processes related to the various aspects of running a business, and how this can be achieved.

Why Would I Pick This Subject?

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop skills in business and marketing, as well as an understanding of how our legal system operates. Students will learn practical skills such as personal finance, as well as future work skills.

What Stage 6 Courses Is This Subject Helpful For?

This course is helpful to students who are interested in undertaking Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics in Stage 6.